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Blog Siblingship DNA Test | Half Vs Unrelated

Siblingship DNA Test | Half Vs Unrelated

Siblingship DNA Test | Half Vs Unrelated


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There are many family secrets…..family members not willing to tell their adult children the truth about their past because of shame or guilt.

But the adult children just want to know the truth…they may not really care what happened 30-40 years ago.

Siblingship DNA Test | Half Vs Unrelated


Adult children feel like something is missing and just want to get some answers from anyone that will tell them…it wasn’t their fault but they are left with the empty feelings.

Fathers may have gone on with their lives and started  new families life is good then the father passes away.

Siblingship DNA Test | Half Vs Unrelated


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Then before you know it people are on FB or www.parentfind.com or many other sites out there trying to finding relatives.  Adult children may have different mothers but may have the same father. That would be an example of Half vs Unrelated DNA test.

Another example of Full Siblingship vs Half would be children that come from the same mother but not sure if they share the same father. 

Siblingship DNA Test | Half Vs Unrelated


In both examples doing a DNA test on the siblings and one of the parents will get the results to establish if they are related Half or Full relationship. 

In my opinion, knowing the truth even for medical reasons and…. its always good to know your history truthfully and have it documented. 


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  • March 1, 2016
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