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Blog Accurate Prenatal DNA | Non Invasive Paternity Test

Accurate Prenatal DNA | Non Invasive Paternity Test

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Many couples are faced with a complicated stressful dilemma of ” I’m not sure who the baby’s father is”. This could be a very anxious time during pregnancy putting stress on  the mother, baby, potential fathers and members of both the families.


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Many Obstetric and Gynecologists still are not aware that Prenatal DNA Testing Services  even exist.  In 2012 an article was written in the New England Journal of Medicine on Non Invasive Prenatal DNA Test for Paternity. The mother typically has to be at least 9 weeks pregnant to determine the fetal DNA in the mother’s blood stream.


Several tubes of blood are drawn from the mother and a mouth swabs of the fathers can with 99% accuracy that their DNA test will be a match or not within 7-14 days.


Accurate Prenatal DNA | Non Invasive Paternity Test


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  • Prospective parents can now then decide whom will show up at the hospital or which family will have a baby shower and all other stress triggers that the mothers and alleged fathers go through during this time. Many alleged fathers have a mindset that they are so anxious that they just do not want to wait till the baby is born. They can have this Prenatal DNA Non Invasive Test done and get their answers within a few weeks.

Accurate Prenatal DNA | Non Invasive Paternity Test


Couples can make informative decisions so they can make the best arrangements for their families when they know whom the father is.  Mother and alleged fathers will feel a sense of relief knowing how to proceed with their lives after the outcome of the test.




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  • September 3, 2017
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