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Blog DNA Paternity Test | Social Security Benefits for Children

DNA Paternity Test | Social Security Benefits for Children

It has come to our attention that many

single mother’s are not getting the Social Security Benefits

for their children that they may be entitled to if the father

or alleged father is deceased. 


Here is the exact procedure you need to do before

setting up an appointment with your local Social Security Office.

DNA Paternity Test | Social Security Benefits for Children

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The first thing they are going to ask are these two questions.

1.”Is the fathers name on the birth certificate?”

 If the fathers name was not on the birth certificate

at the time of his death you will need to do a  DNA Paternity

test to prove that he is the father. This can be handled in one of two



If there was an autopsy done, a sample of father’s

blood can be collected from the State Medical Examiners

Office in the state in which it was completed.  You will

need an Authorization Release Form signed from the

next of kin to release the specimens to the Lab for

the purpose of a Paternity DNA test. A letter is sent

to the parents or next of kin to get permission to do the DNA test.

The blood sample will then be sent to the Lab from the

coroner’s office to be tested. The mother and child

or children will also need to be tested and then sent

to the same lab to be compared. Process can be done in a weeks time.

Grandparentage DNA Test:

If an autopsy was NOT done, one or both of the father’s

parents can be done to complete what is called a

Grandparentage DNA test. Mother and child need

to set up their appointments and send their swabs to

the lab for testing.

You will get results saying he is “99.99” percent that

he is the father or “0” or is not the father. If the parents

are not available, a relationship test can be done if he

had a brother, aunt or uncle on the paternal side.

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DNA Paternity Test | Social Security Benefits for Children


  2.”Do you have the death certificate?”

You will need to get a copy of the death Certificate from

the next of kin or who ever signed  for the Autopsy report.

When all that is completed at that point you can

call the Social Security Office to set up an appointment

so that you can start to receive Social Security Survivor

Benefits for the surviving children. Your process will

go a lot faster when you already have those original

documents ready to bring to your appointment.

Documents needed:

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Original copy of the DNA results


DNA Paternity Test | Social Security Benefits for Children

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