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We Understand

At Accurate DNA, we understand your needs and concerns about getting accurate and efficient DNA testing services. We are here to offer you a reliable solution to whatever service you may need. Our mission help you get to the truth and to make the process of getting your DNA test from start to finish stress free. Our specialized diagnostic team progressively works on- DNA paternity, Prenatal DNA, Family Relationship DNA and special forensic cases.

We are a Market Leader for a Reason

Because of our reputation, compassion and know how, Accurate DNA Test Services specializes in DNA Paternity, Prenatal, AABB Immigration and special forensic testing . We understand unique situations may require the "truth" and we do our best to find it and expedite that information  back to you. We work directly with you throughout the entire process from collecting  the specimens at a specified location to maintaining privacy and convenience, and getting the solutions needed to help resolve your DNA testing process. From Paternity Testing Services to Immigration DNA Testing to Forensic and Infidelity DNA Testing, we provide you with Accurate DNA Testing results. All DNA Paternity Test results are confidential and with a chain of custody will hold up in court for Child Support cases, Child Custody cases, Adoption, Birth Records, and Social Security. read more

Did You Know?

A DNA Paternity test can be done even when the alleged father is not present.

Accurate Dna

DNA tests are powerful tools when determining the paternity in divorce and related custody or child support cases. One can still determine a child’s paternity even without the alleged father. In some cases, the father may be deceased and a DNA test needs to be done to determine parentage so the child can possibly collect social security benefits. Collecting a mouth swab of the paternal grandparents side is best if the father is not available.

With a deceased alleged father, we can also work with the state coroner’s offices to obtain DNA samples that can be matched with the child. DNA test can be conducted without the father knowing but, the results will be strictly for personal information and use only.

Genetics News Daily Brought to You Accurate DNA Services
  • Penn team identifies gene responsible for some cases of male infertility

    In the most severe form of male infertility, men do not make any measurable levels of sperm. This condition, called azoospermia, affects approximately 1 percent of the male population and is responsible for about a sixth of cases of male

    2 months 28 days 18 hours 59 minutes
  • New epigenetic mechanism revealed in brain cells

    For decades, researchers in the genetics field have theorized that the protein spools around which DNA is wound, histones, remain constant in the brain, never changing after development in the

    2 months 28 days 19 hours
  • Study of gene mutations in aplastic anemia may help optimize treament

    Scientists have identified a group of genetic mutations in patients with aplastic anemia, which likely will help doctors optimize treatment for this rare and deadly blood condition. The study, appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine, could lead to tailor-made treatment plans for aplastic anemia patients as part of the emerging precision medicine

    2 months 28 days 19 hours 1 minutes

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