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Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA Testing

DNA Paternity Testing determines whether a man could be the biological father of a child within a 99.99% accuracy he is the father or"'0"that is is NOT the father.

How it Works

DNA Paternity Testing is completed by doing a mouth swab of the alleged father, mother and child. It is not necessary to do the mother, but if she is available we will do her at no extra charge.

Our AABB Accredited DNA Testing Lab will give you the paternity test confidential paternity testing results in 2-3 business days by phone and or email. You will also get a notarized copy from the lab which is admissable in court or other applicable legal needs.

Local facilities

Only New York DNA Paternity test will need a signature script from your physician.
Other states will not need a script for a legal DNA test.

Legal DNA Paternity Testing

The most common reasons for a "LEGAL" DNA Paternity Test are Child Support, Verification of Custodial Rights, Inheritance & Estate Issues, Social Security Benefits for Children, Birth Certificate name Changes, Immigration, Adoptions, Infertility Cases, Lab Errors, Passports and other legal issues.

A Legal Accurate DNA Paternity Test needs to be performed by a technician with a chain of custody signed by all parties involved. A collection of a mouth swab from the alleged father, mother and child. With a Legal DNA Paternity Test, results are admissible in court. Results will be available in 2-3 business days. The result 99.99% mean he is the father or "0" means he is not the father

Legal Paternity Testing
Nono Legal Paternity Test

Non Legal DNA Paternity Test

You can collect a DNA sample by yourself in your own home, although, do-it-yourself home tests cannot be used in a court of law. It's for private use only for people who just want to know the truth.

Home Testing DNA Paternity kit can be shipped to your home upon request. If this is you, be assured that any inquiries are always confidential! Give us a call and let us help determine which DNA test is best for your situation.

Our Informational Non-Legal DNA Test Free Kit will give you the results in 1 business day by phone and or email. You will also get a copy from the lab which is NOT admissible in court or other applicable legal needs.

Standard DNA Paternity Tests will determine a 99.99% YES result or "0" that he is NOT the father. You will get your results in 2-3 business days for legal tests.

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