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Blog How Do I Become a United States Citizen?

How Do I Become a United States Citizen?

Immigration DNA Testing

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Great  article on How to become a US Citizen

This was a great article on becoming a US citizen although there is one last very important step that is missing.  Getting your AABB DNA test completed. This test is required when the country the Beneficiary lives does not keep good birthing records or they are just not able to access those records.

Once the I-130 Form is filled out and the application is now at the Embassy, you will get a “Response letter”. In that letter it will ask that you get a DNA Paternity Test Or Maternity test done to prove that the Petitioner is related to the Beneficiary.

They will give you a very long link to find an AABB Lab. On that list you will find 10 or so Corp labs. They do NOT list local facilities. We found people are going out of state to do their test when there are local facilities you can go to.

We will help coordinate the appointments and will track every step to make sure the results get back to the Embassy.

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We are experienced specialists and  will help guide you smoothly through this last process to citizenship.

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  • October 21, 2015
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